Justin Marries Nadine at Benvenuti

Justin and his groomsmen were full of nonsense at their dressing, since it takes guys a grand total of 5 minutes total to preen.  There was more alcohol than I’ve seen at most receptions – I think Justin was nervous, but hid it very well behind boisterous mischief!  The girls dressing was all tension and nerves as they frantically fluffed, painted, styled and powdered to look their absolute best.  The moment Nadine saw her Justin on her glide down the isle, all her tension melted and the two of them finally relaxed and started to enjoy their day.  The venue, Benvenuti, with its lavish open halls and extravagant gardens, provided a spectacular backdrop for the couple’s lavender theme, and the very pretty light and good planning made for extremely happy cameramen.

Photography and Editing by Leanne Williams.  Film and Editing by Sean Williams.   Assisted by Dominique Harding.




Getting Ready

Mr & Mrs Deale

The Party





























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3 Responses to Justin Marries Nadine at Benvenuti

  • Beautiful so good to see some photos at last as we unfortunately could not get to the wedding. England is a long way away x

  • Awesome work, looking forward to the final product :)

  • Your work rocks guys! This magic image portfolio showcases your creativity, command and love of the medium. Your ability to be unobtrusive and capture frozen moments in time ensures that these memories are well and truly captured for eternity. Well done.

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