Marriage Meander – The July Journey

The Marriage Meander Journeys are such a clever idea.  They’re for brides who want to squeeze every ounce of fun out of their wedding-planning-experience while meeting trusted wedding suppliers, exploring amazing wedding venues and taste-testing the food.  16 such brides and their friends, retinues, families and/or fiances met at scenic Glenburn Lodge where they were served a delicious breakfast prepared by a celebrity chef, shown around the venue, and introduced to a few wedding suppliers, such as the lovely Lika Photography.   The guests then piled into the coach where Nici and Stella kept them all very entertained with wedding games and prizes.  The second venue was Kloofzicht Lodge, where they had an amazing lunch, more presentations and another tour.  The Candy Saloon was there too, and had us all helping ourselves to a sweetie buffet to take home.  From Kloofzicht, we traveled to the exquisite Askari Lodge.  The ox-wagon display made for really interesting images, and interacting with the elephants was AWESOME!  Adrenaline pumping, we were herded away from the incredible animals to an extremely pretty forest for hot-chocolate and eclairs.  This was my first trip to Askari, and I’m so looking forward to covering the weddings of a couple of these brides next year.   Hope that all the guests had fun and got lots of information!  By Leanne Williams.

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