Melissa’s Pack

Melissa’s pack of Border Collies includes spirited Esca, goofy Kadin, and old man Shay.  Melissa’s dad and niece joined the shoot to help with the dogs.  You know it’s serious stuff when Melissa almost wears shoes for the first 5 minutes of the shoot!  By Leanne Williams.

Ansi, Kiki and Rival

Meet Ansi.  Owned by Kiki the golden retriever and Rival the horse.  Every photographer’s dream brief: ‘Please get some creative family pawtraits of me, my horse and my golden retriever together. But the dog is terrified of the horse. Oh, and the horse is in training to be bit-less, so there will be no bridle or any other physical way to control him.’  Plus, Ansi loves vivid colour, and the day we scheduled the shoot was dreary… Continue reading

Shannon and Ignatius

Shannon had very specific ideas for her engagement shoot with Ignatius.  She had her heart set on Irene Farm at sunset – it was the first time Sean and I had shot there and we had quite an adventure, involving multiple conversations with numerous security guards, a few loops in the car, a couple of kilometers of walking (with heavy equipment), plus a few phone calls, to find the right spot.  It was worth it.  And actually… Continue reading

Amy and John’s Civil Ceremony

Remember this cute family?  Here is their beautiful, relaxed, Civil Ceremony, held at their home in Kyalami.  So looking forward to their big wedding to be held in Swaziland in a couple of months.

By Leanne Williams.

Asmita and Julien’s Wedding

Wow.  Wow wow wow.  This beautiful bride.  This super romantic groom.  The food!  The decor!  The natural light at this lovely, relaxed wedding ceremony!  This amazing wedding was held at Misty River Country Venue in Johannesburg.  Julien and his family are from Geneva, so they battled a little with the January heat, but they were all infinitely patient with our requests to pose in the hot sun to give their photos a… Continue reading

Baby Blake and His Extended Family

Introducing the only puppy from the first litter of the brand new SellerSouth Kennel….Blake Dean!  Mom (all health checks clear) is recovering nicely and is super proud and protective.  Little Blake is already booked to a great Agility- and Flyball-Home.

But seriously…..I met new mom, Lindsay, at agility competitions and workshops a couple of years ago.  She’s loud.  If she’s angry, you know it.  If she thinks you did well at a round of agility,… Continue reading