Professional Photography Tips Every Novice Should Know

By Jetweb Professional photography requires many hours of study and practice. There are so many elements that go into the creation of professional photos and the understanding of each element is what makes the difference between an average photographer and a great one. That being said some people may have a natural feel and talent for professional photography that allows them to bypass many of the technical studies, however even those photographers will attest to continuously honing their craft. Here are some photography tips that every novice should know. Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Event Photography

By Jetweb Event photography can be a daunting task for a new photographer. There are so many variables that could potentially go wrong when one is starting out such as: not being at the right place at the right time, other people’s cameras interfering with the flash and people getting in the way of the “perfect shot” – because there are no re-do’s with live action, out of studio, photography. Here are a few tips and tricks to taking photos for an event: Continue reading

Beauty of Family Portraits

By Jetweb How many pictures do you have with the whole family in them? Most likely not that many, when we go on holiday or all get together for a reunion someone is always left to take the picture. Invariably someone has closed their eyes or not looked in the same direction as the rest of the family. Whether you are taking a photo of extended family or just your immediate family in your house hold, something seems a little out of place or not quite the captured moment you would have liked. Continue reading

Why Professional Photographers are Important

By Jetweb Photography is an art which has developed from a tedious process. The days of setting up a big camera, making everyone in the photo sit very still, without smiling and then developing the film in a dark room have evolved into a simple handheld device with a flash, that can capture a moment in a second and has the ability to hold hundreds of photos on a digital memory stick. Now anyone can click a button and take a photo without much knowledge of how a camera works, therefore shouldn’t this make professional photographers irrelevant? The skill required to take the photo can be learned by anyone; however, it is a common misconception that the only good a professional photographer has is in operating the camera. Continue reading

Tips Before And During Your Shoot When Taking Pregnancy Photos

By Jetweb Confidence is key when having pregnancy photos taken. As a Mother-to-be she wants to look and feel her best, which is never easy when pregnant, but you can help her by capturing the joy in pregnancy and the love that she will undoubtedly display for her baby. The best time to photograph a pregnant woman is when she is around 6 months pregnant. By 8 to 9 months there is always the possibility of water retention and stretch marks and she may not feel completely comfortable in her pregnant body at this stage. Continue reading

Do You Really Need A Wedding Videographer?

By Jetweb It is your big day, the day you pledge your vows to the person with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life. A day you hope to never repeat. Whether you intend on having a big or small wedding you want everything to run smoothly and you want the best that money can buy, but your wedding budget may not always allow for the best. When deciding how to cut costs you may wonder whether you really need a wedding videographer? Continue reading