Babies & Bellies

The Kotze Family is Growing

Liezl and Martin have given us quite an extraordinary journey to document, from their engagement party, to their wedding, to their first pregnancy, to the view from their roof to use as home decor, to family functions with the extended family, to their second pregnancy and Tilly-Marie’s newborn photos, and now they are expecting their third child!   We love their parenting style – fun and relaxed and fair.  Derek and Tilly-Marie were so good… Continue reading

Grumpy Calitz Guys and Their Girls

Remember Megan and John?  We have had the privilege of creating their wedding photos, pregnancy pics and newborn portraits.  Megan is also one of our much loved, highly creative, fun assistants.  Her Little, Josh, has just turned two years old, and she wanted some updated family photographs at their home.  Two is not my favourite age for portraits, so we suggested shooting candids of his birthday party in addition to posed portraits…to be safe.… Continue reading

Small and Annoying

My agility buddy, Bronwyn, contacted me to arrange a Lifestyle Pawtrait Shoot for ‘Small and Annoying’.  I was confused.  ‘Small’ is her nickname for her daughter (bipedial), Amy.  ‘Annoying’ is her nickname for her newest dog, Presto, an imported Pumi.  I believe she does actually mostly quite like him.  :-p  It was a very grey and rainy day, which suited me perfectly and gave us some lovely light, puddles and props to work with.… Continue reading

Little Levi and His Parents

I met Candice and JJ through my most favourite thing second to media – dog agility.  A few years ago, we shot some Studio Pawtraits with their furkids.  Now we’re thrilled to do family portraits with the latest puppy, a little human breed, Levi!  Candice wages war on a rare disease, Myesthena Gravis, and writes a really cool blog.  It’s really lovely to see her so happy and well, finally living her dream of having… Continue reading

Philipa | Pippa | Pipsqueak

Baby Philipa, aka Pippa, also known as Pipsqueak, had her first photo shoot at 9 days new.  Her loving parents Jo and John wanted to some natural, real portraits to remember her perfection at this special age. By Leanne Williams, assisted by the brilliant Megan Calitz


Sonja’s Beautiful Family

Meet Sonja’s beautiful family.  She, her hubby and their many many floofs welcomed their very long-anticipated baby boy, Chris!  Baby Chris wasn’t too enthusiastic about posing, and kept us quite busy for a good few hours, but Sonja was so chilled and easy going about it you’d swear she’d been doing this for years.  True to her relaxed parenting style, she wanted authentic lifestyle portraits with natural light.  Of course, the dogs got a little time… Continue reading