Babies & Bellies

Rachel’s First Shoot

Remember Caleb’s First Shoot that we did a few years ago?  This time the Broodryk family booked a Lifestyle Newborn Shoot to celebrate the arrival of little Rachel.  We would like to say that the family of three welcomed her with open arms, but I’d be lying…..two-year-old Caleb is not yet too happy with his new sister.  Dad managed to bribe him with sweeties for a few cuddly photos with her, but after a while he was… Continue reading

Derick’s First Photoshoot

Welcome to the world little Derick Simon!  Very very shortly after Liezl’s Pregnancy Shoot, Derick made his appearance.  And of course the entire extended family attended his first photoshoot.  Just like his dad, Derick yawned through the family photos and then protested loudly when it was his turn to take the spot light.  Photography by Leanne Williams, assisted by Sean Williams….and all the aunties and uncles and grannies and grandpas.  :-p

Liezl’s Baby Belly

Liezl and Martin’s wedding was exactly 10 months ago.  Martin didn’t waste any time!  Liezl asked me for a handful of very specific maternity photos, so we started in studio and then headed for a nearby park for sunset.   Little Derick Simon should make his appearance in a week or two.  By Leanne Williams.

The Burger Family at Home

We covered Gerhardus and Natasha’s wedding late last year.   On the day, their two children quickly abandoned their wedding outfits in favour of a nap, so we didn’t get many formal photos of the family together.  Very soon after the couple’s wedding, their 2nd little girl, and 3rd child was born.  So when the new arrival was about 1 week new, I traveled to Pretoria to create some lifestyle portraits of the five of them in… Continue reading

Caleb’s First Photoshoot

At 24 days new, Caleb was treated to his first photo shoot.  I went to the family’s home and used pretty, natural window lighting.  This also made things more comfortable for Caleb’s sensitive new eyes and saved his parents the trouble of packing and traveling with their newborn.   We used really special, sentimental props from around the house, like Caleb’s father’s baby blanket that was handmade by Caleb’s grandmother, and photos signed by his parent’s wedding… Continue reading

Five and a Half Month Old Addison

This little cutie pie had her photo shoot at her home, in her extremely pink bedroom.  At five and a half months old, Addison was a perfect age for a photo shoot because she was able to sit by herself without crawling or toddling too far from the pretty light or backdrop we had chosen, and her own little personality shone through in every shot … many giggles, and so much awesome eye contact!   By Leanne Williams.