Babies & Bellies

Kate’s Jemima Belly

Kate is expecting a little girl who will join two older brothers.  She plans to name her Jemima!  Shot at our rented studio in Sharonlea, by Leanne Williams.

7 Month Old Erin

Erin is growing up so fast!  To me it seems like she’s gone from being a belly bump to a real little person with her own unique antics in a few weeks!  I forget it’s been 7 months already.  She’s a little thing with a BIG character and is a pleasure to photograph, just like her parents.  By Leanne Williams.


A Rose Among the Staessens

Some of you might remember the Staessen family from Kevin and Robyn’s wedding pics, puppy pics, and their extended family pics taken a year ago shortly after Logan was born. More recently, we got some gorgeous fun pics of pregnant Robyn on Kevin’s KTM. In this most recent shoot, little Erin Rose was introduced to Staessen-Photo-Madness and as always their pics are a true reflection of their incredible sense of fun and love of photography. Photographer: Sean Williams. Creative Director and Editor: Leanne Williams.

Kevin & Robyn’s Erin Rose Bump

Kevin and Robyn. Notorious crazies. Sean and I have shot their engagement pics, wedding, puppy pawtraits, extended family portraits, and now their first baby bump. And still I’m surprised at their spontaneity and fun ideas at each shoot! We had incredibly soft early-morning light and it was lovely to see Hansa and Reeva all grown up. Reeva was showing off her tummy more than Robyn! A few days later little Erin Rose was born.  By Leanne Williams.

Dean, Alice & Nathan

Dean, Alice and their smiley 6-month-old Nathan did some lifestyle portraits to practice for their wedding, which is to be held at the Moon and Sixpence in September next year.  Sean joined us to help with the off camera flash and to spend some time getting to know them since he’ll be shooting their wedding video.  Two of Dean and Alice’s friends joined us to help with Nathan, and they provided incredible funny faces, rapping and dancing to… Continue reading

Richard & Lara’s Preggie-Pics

So, as some of our cyber-stalkers know, we freelance for various photographic agencies to compliment our Snapdragon work.  Which means we have many, for lack of a better word, “bosses”.  Richard is one such boss.  So, knowing how fun he can be, and how gorgeous his wife is, I decided to give them a gift voucher for some preggie-pics, as a Christmas present and a thank-you for all the work he sends us (I know I know,… Continue reading