Baby Bump? Maternity Photos Shoot

by Jetweb

A little human life is developing inside your body waiting to meet the world and you are glowing with joy and anticipation to meet the new addition to your family. The time that you have to embrace your pregnancy is astonishingly short. Nine months may sound like a long-time, and at times when you are pregnant it may feel like a lifetime and you can’t wait for it to be over, but it is fleeting. Once the “baby bump” begins to show your pregnancy becomes a physical indication of a miracle that is taking place inside your body. Continue reading

Special Memories with Wedding Photographers in Pretoria

by Jetweb

Once the question has been asked and answered and the wedding planning stage begins, there is always so much to consider and so many different details that need to be taken care of. Your venue is important; luckily there are amazing venues all over Pretoria. Dream settings hidden right in the busy city offer timeless wedding photograph opportunities and will make you feel as though you are having a destination wedding anywhere in the world. Whether it is an intimate party of close family and friends or a more elaborate function, getting married in Pretoria has many perks. Continue reading

Professional Photography Tips Every Novice Should Know

By Jetweb Professional photography requires many hours of study and practice. There are so many elements that go into the creation of professional photos and the understanding of each element is what makes the difference between an average photographer and a great one. That being said some people may have a natural feel and talent for professional photography that allows them to bypass many of the technical studies, however even those photographers will attest to continuously honing their craft. Here are some photography tips that every novice should know. Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Event Photography

By Jetweb Event photography can be a daunting task for a new photographer. There are so many variables that could potentially go wrong when one is starting out such as: not being at the right place at the right time, other people’s cameras interfering with the flash and people getting in the way of the “perfect shot” – because there are no re-do’s with live action, out of studio, photography. Here are a few tips and tricks to taking photos for an event: Continue reading

Beauty of Family Portraits

By Jetweb How many pictures do you have with the whole family in them? Most likely not that many, when we go on holiday or all get together for a reunion someone is always left to take the picture. Invariably someone has closed their eyes or not looked in the same direction as the rest of the family. Whether you are taking a photo of extended family or just your immediate family in your house hold, something seems a little out of place or not quite the captured moment you would have liked. Continue reading

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