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Proudly South African Portraits

Portraits of Proudly South African CEO, Herbert Mkhize, commissioned through Zoom Photography.  What a lovely, humble man.  He didn’t mind giving me as much time as I needed to take many gorgeous, flattering photographs of him.  By Leanne Williams.


A very intimate, informal, and seemingly important lunch with lots of high-profile peeps, including Graca Machel. I have no idea what it was about, I just followed the client’s instructions, tried to be subtle, and of course, played with light! And got a delicious lunch too. Commissioned through Zoom Photography.  By Leanne Williams.

Karin’s 60th

Every two years, Karin throws a party. They’re always luxurious, extravagant and ECCENTRIC! This one was for her own 60th, and the theme was Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds. “Gideon’s” did a fabulous job with the decor as always. We set up a portable studio and solicited the guests for photos on arrival, to add a sense of fun and glamour. And of course covered the rest of the function candidly. I’ve uploaded only a few pages of my… Continue reading

Maria’s 70th

Maria has suffered from eye problems since she was a child, and just recently had a successful cornea transplant. She threw herself a beautiful, emotional 70th birthday lunch as a gesture of thanks to all those who’ve been there for her over the years, and helped her through her recovery. We were all treated to an amazing lunch in a cozy restaurant with warm, friendly company.  Wishing you all the best with your eyes Maria!  By Leanne Williams.

Velti Events & Hospitality

Velti KNOWS how to throw a PARTY for their employees! Flame-throwers, samba-dancers, belly-dancers, Mo Magic, photobooths, props, singers, jugglers, clowns, and Gareth Cliff! I had so much fun at this one! Commissioned through The Photo Firm.  By Leanne Williams.

McCarthy’s 100 Years

Another beautifully organised event by EfferVesceENTS, who commissioned me through Zoom Photography.  So nicely set up for photos, great lighting and a good backdrop for the speakers.  And lots of high-profile folk like John McCarthy, Brand Pretorius and Brian Joffe.  While I was busy with decor-shots, Brand Pretorius actually found me, shook my hand and said something along the lines of ‘Lovely to meet you, I’m sure you’ll do a superb job for us tonight’.  It’s… Continue reading

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