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Ndu’s 40th

Ndu treated herself to an elegant and FABULOUS 40th birthday party at Accolades Boutique Venue , complete with talented make-up artist Ntombi from Extravaganza, hilarious MC from Standing Ovations Entertainment, the funky DJ Thabiso from Grayscale Projects  (website coming soon) who also happens to be Ndu’s son, a brave Flame-Juggler, a delicious birthday cake by Patisserie Cafe, and a Snapdragon Selfie-Studio.  The speeches were lovely, funny, and at times, emotional….it seems that Ndu is an… Continue reading

Arnold Chatz Annual Company Photo

We’ve lost track of how many years we’ve been doing this shot, and despite the very early, very cold, very challenging booking, we really look forward to it.  This year was especially nice because we got to have a quick catch up with our high-school friend, Candice, the boss’s daughter who got us the job, and she also happens to be the talented designer from Haiku Studio who designed our funky logo.  Each year we print an A2… Continue reading

Zisekho’s Bridal Shower

The Hamilton hosted this luxurious, classy bridal shower.  Precious Celebrations was the talented professional planner.  There were the usual games and giggles and an extremely popular Snapdragon Selfie Studio, but the highlight of the afternoon was definitely the ladies who came to sell lotions and potions and, erm……other stuff.   Zisekho, may your wedding be as beautiful as you are, and may your marriage long and happy!  Photography by Leanne Williams, assisted by Sean Williams.


Minette’s 40th

Minette’s 40th birthday party was held at Le Sel in the Cradle.  Many of us got lost despite the maps and directions!  I was traveling from another area to where Minette’s directions started.  From google maps I could see that I was very close to Le Sel , and after 10+ years of traveling to new locations almost every day, I was confident I would find it easily.  I left an hour and thirty minutes before… Continue reading

Arnold Chatz Cars Staff Portrait

It’s that time of the year again!  For many consecutive years we’ve been commissioned for the annual portrait of the Arnold Chatz Cars team.  It’s always scheduled for June/July.  We brave the early morning winter cold to set up our lights and do some test shots before calling the staff out to arrange them on the staircase.  Despite the cold, the team is always full of enthusiasm and smiles, and offers of help and hot coffee.… Continue reading

Norman’s 80th Birthday

For Norman’s 8th….sorry, 80th birthday, his children hosted a fun family event at Emoyeni in Johannesburg.  The celebrations started with a quick family-portrait-session before the guests arrived.  Lots of hugs and kisses and even a few tears followed as the family had obviously not been reunited for some time.  Emoyeni was unfortunately very late in serving the breakfast, but Norman’s children ensured that guests were entertained with a live jazz band and good conversation while they waited.… Continue reading