Lifestyle Portraits

Many Mali Doggos

 Sean and I noticed Yolan at the very first agility competition we ever competed in.  Sean told me to follow her lead while walking the courses, because she very clearly knows what she’s doing.  We watched in awe as she confidently arrived at prize-giving with a cardboard box in anticipation of carrying many many prizes back to her car, and boy, did she win ALL the prizes!  Those beloved dogs are sadly retired now, but she’s gained multiple more dogs… Continue reading

Baby Benny and Zoey

Miniature Dachshund puppies, Benny and Zoey bunked puppy school to spend an afternoon playing and posing in the park with their new hoomans.  They enjoyed their first taste of donkey poop, much to their owner’s horror!  They also did a fabulous job on their ‘stays’, which is very impressive for puppies their age. Photography by Leanne Williams, assisted by Sean Williams.


Roné’s Pack in the Park

Roné’s spirited pack of little dogs joined us at a private park in Honeydew for some toy fetching fun.  They all posed sooo beautifully and then got treated to a little decompression walk.  Photography by Leanne Williams.

Caroline and Kipling

I’ll be brutally honest.  While I adore watching them compete in agility and obedience, I’m not a fan of the Border Collie.  Too many bad experiences, involving teeth in my legs, my arms, my face, and my Sibes.  But there are some amazing individuals within the breed, and pups like this Little really help me appreciate them.  This is Kipling: a working-line Border Collie. He was about 16 weeks at the time of this shoot.  He is SUPER sweet.  He… Continue reading

Zeus’s Little Brother

Remember teeny tiny little floof ball, Zeus?  He just got a teeny tiny little floof ball brother, Odin.  And 1 + 1 = 4!  Zeus was good as gold for his puppy portrait shoot: perfect sit stays, perfect down stays, lovely moments of playing and great recalls, but Odin was having none of it! And Zeus followed his example.  We were all exhausted after trying to convince these two hooligans to sit still for posed shots.  And when we… Continue reading

Blundells of Floof

Remember the Blundell’s Fine Art shoot from 2018?  Well these wonderful, brave souls have adopted another rescue husky, and they wanted some updated pawtraits to celebrate his 1st birthday.  This time they decided on a Lifestyle shoot in their beautiful, newly renovated garden for some more natural, real moments of their dogs being themselves.  Neruba had us all in hysterics as she buried her piece of birthday cake and then grumbled at the others when they went near it. … Continue reading

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