Pet Pawtraits

The Ferocious Zeus

Meet the BIGGEST, most FEROCIOUS….erm….cotton puff ball?  This is Zeus, a 4 month old Pomeranian puppy.  We used the beautiful and safe grounds of McKaynine Honeydew where he attended puppy socialisation classes.  We chose sunset for soft, pretty light.  Zeus thought this posing thing was EXHAUSTING!  What an amazingly good little dog!  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.

Renee’s Pulse

Remember Renee and her pack?  Pulse is her newest puppy.   He’s a cutie.  We played with some agility equipment at Canine Performance Centre to get some sweet puppy pawtraits before he grows up, as they do far too quickly.  He was an absolute rock star at his ‘stays’ on and in the equipment, and his session ended with a reward game of tug with big brother Savvy.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.

Great Danes, Great Love

Shannon McKay is the owner of McKaynine.  We met her many years ago when we wanted to spend more quality time with and have more control over our Siberian Huskies.  She and her team have been hugely helpful, and have made training really fun.  Shannon also breeds beautiful, goofy Grate Danes.  We did this Pawtrait Shoot at McKaynine Honeydew, Shannon’s home with two of her special girls.  Smooch and Joanie were the canine models.  They were so excited and… Continue reading

Sam’s Specials at Sunset

Sam Walpole, as in THE Sam Walpole from Be The Dog has been on my own doggy journey from the start.  I met her at my first ever agility class at McKaynine many years ago.  I’ve also had the privelage of a few behaviour consults with Sam to help sort out my own hooligan Siberians.  Sam wanted some photos of her pack for both professional and sentimental use.  I think Allegro is the funniest, cutest little Italian Greyhound EVER!  He… Continue reading

Terina’s Trio

Terina has three Border Collies, Keiko, Novac and Arrow, who are WILD on the agility course.  So when she booked her Pawtrait Shoot, I immediately thought it was going to be HECTIC to get all three dogs to sit still for a family photo.  I was so wrong.  Without the agility equipment and hype of a dog show, the dogs were calm and as good as gold.  Beautiful ‘stays’!  And we rewarded them with a… Continue reading

Small and Annoying

My agility buddy, Bronwyn, contacted me to arrange a Lifestyle Pawtrait Shoot for ‘Small and Annoying’.  I was confused.  ‘Small’ is her nickname for her daughter (bipedial), Amy.  ‘Annoying’ is her nickname for her newest dog, Presto, an imported Pumi.  I believe she does actually mostly quite like him.  :-p  It was a very grey and rainy day, which suited me perfectly and gave us some lovely light, puddles and props to work with.… Continue reading

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