Pet Pawtraits

Zena and Stunner

Zena and Stunner are two incredibly friendly, impressive, strong, gorgeous young Pit Bull Terriers.  Their mom was treated to a gift voucher for a photo shoot by a few very good friends, and they traveled all the way from Heidelberg to join us at a safe, enclosed, exclusive use dog park because they were worried their Pitties may not be 100% co-operative.  They were very wise!  On the first attempt we made at some off-leash ball-chasing photos, Zena lead Stunner… Continue reading

Tracey’s Girls

Tracey and her mom, Jeanette, have been extremely supportive of me and my agility Siberians for many years.  I’ll never forget their smiles and cheering from the grand stands regardless of what silliness my huskies got up to in the ring.  It was a huge help with my confidence.  It breaks my heart that they are leaving SA for the UK, but I’m so glad I got this opportunity to send them off with some beautiful memories.  Tracey took advantage of… Continue reading

Tuxedo Joins Kismet

Remember this handsome young man?  Under his mom’s enthusiastic and joyful training style, he’s matured into a phenomenal little agility dog.  He now also has a ‘little’ brother, Tuxedo, a Willtowin Border Collie!  Of course, Tux had to have the same photo shoot at Canine Performance Centre that Kis had as a pup, to avoid sibling jealousy.  But this time, both human parents posed with their two dogs.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams

Benn and Lucca

Best friends, Bry-Anne and Cathryn each got a new puppy in the same year.  Benn is Bry-Anne’s first dog: a goofy, intense, beautifully black rescue.  Lucca is Cathryn’s third dog.  Her first two are rescued cross-breeds and Lucca is her first Askenhill Border Collie who promises to be a fabulous competitive agility dog.  I met both lovely ladies and these special dogs at McKaynine Dog Training Centre where we all work together.  This mini photo shoot was a small thank… Continue reading

Kipling and Summit

Have you ever heard two more perfect names for dogs?!  Caroline, owned by Kipling who we met last year, was offered this beautiful border collie puppy who she has decided to name Summit.  She has big dreams of succeeding in agility with both boys, but the three of them also love hiking, mantrailing and canine conditioning.   I adore Summits aquamarine eyes and pricked ears.  And he is soooo good.  Luckily.  Because Kipling is a handful: poor Caroline spent most… Continue reading

The CK9 Training Pack

Meet Chantal Karyta, owned by Spirit, Splash, Spice and Savannah.  Originally from the UK, and now located in Johannesburg, South Africa (how lucky are the GP Based agility handlers to have her?!), Chantal’s qualifications include:

  • BSc. (Hons) in Psychology
  • - COAPE Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling, therefore a member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 1068)
  • Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
  • Scentwork UK trainer
  • She… Continue reading
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