Stop Motion Slide Show

Fred and Alli’s Wedding

 Fred and Allison are our friends.  Fred and Sean were in numerous bands together during our student days, and still often get together to play guitar and write music.  When Sean told me that Fred had met his One, I was extremely nervous to meet her.  We met for breakfast and to discuss their wedding photography, and Alli and I got along so well that breakfast almost became lunch, and the boys hardly got a word… Continue reading

Chantell and Her Bridesmaids

Chantell requested a special pre-wedding photo shoot for her bridesmaids. We went to the Walter Sisulu Botanic Gardens – one of my favourites because of it’s size and the variety of backgrounds.  Lots of girly fun was had by all, and the ladies got to practice their poses for the big wedding day.  I also had fun trying out our new product – Stop Motion Slideshows.   By Leanne Williams.