Studio Portraits

Twin Story

A cake to smash, gorgeous one-year-old twins, lovely Toy Story models, SUPER cute outfits, and extremely compliant, fun parents.  What more could a photographer ask for?!  Photos and editing by Leanne Williams. 

Lyndall’s Extended Family

Lyndall was a beautiful bridesmaid at two weddings we covered.  At the first wedding, she was pregnant with her youngest daughter.  Both of her daughters were absolute stars around the camera, constantly asking me for photos of them twirling in their flower-girl dresses and playing with the wedding decor.  So I was obviously thrilled when she contacted me about arranging a studio shoot to spoil her mom for her birthday.   The whole extended family met at the studio, including Lyndall’s… Continue reading

Alfred and Ace

Alfred and Ace are two very spirited doggos named after Batman characters.  They joined us in studio for some portrait photos to be used on their parent’s Christmas cards.  Photography by Leanne Williams.

Roné’s Pack in Studio

Roné had booked an outdoor shoot, but the weather didn’t co-operate, so at the last minute we relocated to the studio.  The dogs LOVED showing off their tricks and posing skills.  Photography by Leanne Williams. 

Siba Smashes Her 1st Birthday Cake

What a little cutie!  Siba was treated to some Cake Smash fun in our studio to celebrate her 1st birthday.  The family chose a simple, elegant theme and the photos are classic and beautiful.  I’m a lucky photographer!  She was a little bit grumpy from teething pain, but her family’s laughter and enthusiasm gained some cute smiles.  Yummy cake helped too.  Siba was a true lady about it, and didn’t seem too keen on smashing the cake, so everyone stepped… Continue reading

Nadia’s Soulmate is a Dog

Meet Nadia, owned by Draco, the 8 month-young Labrador.  This was his first shoot – he made Nadia work very hard for some ‘stays’, but they both did so well.  Read Nadia’s t-shirt for the rest of their story – ‘99% sure my soulmate is a dog’.   By Leanne Williams.

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