Studio Portraits

The Weir-Smiths Welcome Rachel

The best part of being a family photographer is watching the kids grow.  Can’t believe how fast John has grown since his first and second shoots – he is nearly 4 years old now!  The Weir-Smith family recently welcomed their pretty little daughter, Rachel, and booked some studio portraits to remember her at 1-month-new.    It was definitely one of the more challenging studio sessions I’ve shot….Rachel refused to leave her mom’s arms, and John was crazy… Continue reading

Snapdragon Sibes in Studio

I’m not a fan of selfies.  But we missed our annual family pawtrait shoot in 2015, and my poor ginger puppy Simon hardly has any photos of his puppyhood.  (Typical third child!)  I also wanted to get some pics of the floating trophies we won at our dog school before they have to be returned.  But Sean was too fully booked to help me.  So I, alone, headed to the studio with three freshly groomed… Continue reading

Allison’s Baby Belly

Remember Fred and Alli from their wedding?  Well, they are about to welcome another member to their family.  Gabriel.  Allison is literally glowing!  Fred is funny and awkward as ever.  I grinned the entire way through this edit, because they are such a happy, funny couple.  Alli chose our half-studio-half-lifetsyle Pregnancy Collection, so we got a great variety of photos for them…..some classic beautiful shots, some fine art portraits, and some cheesy fun… Continue reading

Kym, Ella and Ben

Kym’s elegant, super-fast, extremely busy littles, Ella and Ben, are Itallian Greyhounds.  I had never heard of the breed until I started agility with our Siberians a few years ago, and to me they seem to be gentle, trainable dogs – though extremely sensitive to changes in temperature.  Kym won the gift voucher that we sponsored to raise money for the SA Agility Team to go to the 2016 Agility World Champs.  When she booked, she warned… Continue reading

Leon and Vanessa’s Pawtraits

Leon and Vanessa won the gift voucher that we sponsored to help raise funds for a school.  They brought their 4 furkids, Emily, Anja, Kenobi and Qarma into our Sharonlea studio.  They’re such good, well-trained dogs, so we could put them in sit-stays and down-stays to pose for their individual portraits.  Since it was waaaaay too much to ask all 4 dogs to sit still and pose all at the same time, the group photo is a… Continue reading

Liezl’s Baby Belly

Liezl and Martin’s wedding was exactly 10 months ago.  Martin didn’t waste any time!  Liezl asked me for a handful of very specific maternity photos, so we started in studio and then headed for a nearby park for sunset.   Little Derick Simon should make his appearance in a week or two.  By Leanne Williams.