Studio Portraits

Kate’s Jemima Belly

Kate is expecting a little girl who will join two older brothers.  She plans to name her Jemima!  Shot at our rented studio in Sharonlea, by Leanne Williams.

Tanveer in Studio

 Tanveer and his family: old favourites.  Actually, my oldest.  They were my very first paying clients when I was a student.  Every year I’m surprised at how much Tanveer has grown, but this year I was completely shocked at how grown up he is.  Usually I cover his birthday parties, this year they did a studio shoot instead.  Tanveer was fascinated by the ‘room with no walls’.  I’m looking forward to covering his… Continue reading

Puppy Love

On Valentine’s Day, Kevin surprised Robyn with a photoshoot for their newest members of the family, Hansa and Reeva.  The pups played for the first ten minutes, racing around the studio while we chased after them with the lights! Then the fur kids cuddled with their parents a little, before passing out ever so sweetly. Such a nice idea for a Valentine’s prezzie.  By Leanne Williams.

Richard & Lara’s Preggie-Pics

So, as some of our cyber-stalkers know, we freelance for various photographic agencies to compliment our Snapdragon work.  Which means we have many, for lack of a better word, “bosses”.  Richard is one such boss.  So, knowing how fun he can be, and how gorgeous his wife is, I decided to give them a gift voucher for some preggie-pics, as a Christmas present and a thank-you for all the work he sends us (I know I know,… Continue reading