Wedding Photography

Nicole & Steven’s Engagement Cocktail Party

Nicole and Steven hosted their enchanted engagement cocktail party in the garden of their family home.  Glamour and class were fashioned by the pure white seating, glitzy chandeliers, fairy lights everywhere, gorgeous pink flowers, and beautiful dessert table.  Guests had a blast in the Selfie-Studio, and thanks to the warm heaters, open bar and vibey DJ, they danced well into the night.  Another exquisite event by Precious Celebrations.  Photography by Leanne Williams. 

Rakesh and Harsha’s Wedding

‘Pain is beauty’, and as I watched Harsha being sewn into her dress and veil, I was reminded that Indian brides go through a lot more pain….and it shows, she looked GORGEOUS.   Rakesh’s joyful reaction when he first saw his bride said it all, and gave me one of the best ‘first look’ reactions to capture.  This sweet couple held their wedding at Gandhi Hall in Lenasia.  Rakesh’s two sisters must love them very much because… Continue reading

Andre and Madelein’s Wedding

When I saw Madeleine’s email signature and realised that she’s an attourney, I was nervous and intimidated, expecting a hard-core, take-no-nonsense bridezilla-type .  But when I first met these two, at the Dros, I was immediately  struck by how warm and trusting and easy-going they were.  They asked my advice on timing and lighting, and took it.  They loved just about every photo I showed them, even the ones that are usually not the favourites, even… Continue reading

Liezl and Martin’s Wedding

Martin and Liezl were, possibly, the most challenging couple we’ll ever work with.  Liezl loves photos.  Loves.  Them.  So very much that she sent me mountains of examples lifted off the interweb in the hope that I’d do them for her.  All of them.  Exactly.  She had very specific requests for how she wanted her pics edited.  She unpacked our pricing and found all our loopholes, then made handwritten notes on all… Continue reading

Roy and Yolandie at Reefsteamers

Roy and Yolandie are engaged!  They arranged the most beautifully styled engagement shoot at Reefsteamers in Germiston.  An extremely affectionate, sweet couple – Roy is such a gentleman and Yolandie is elegant and classy, so their chosen location and theme suited them so well.   Yolandie put lots of thought and effort into their outfits and props for their couple portraits and even their refreshments matched their vintage train-yard theme.  Can’t wait for their wedding to… Continue reading

Tanya and Michael’s Wedding

Tanya and Michael……a stunning, organized couple who were up for anything and so in tune with each other that they have similar mannerisms.  The team at Galagos Country Estate were absolutely amazing and their great communication, friendly and helpful staff and breathtaking venue contributed greatly to Tanya and Michael’s superb wedding photos and film.  Tanya and Michael chose a pretty theme of white and coral to contrast the deep, gothic colours around Galagos.   Their ceremony really… Continue reading