Sparkling Sisters

Mieke’s matric farewell coincided with her sister, Niane’s formal dance. Their parents went all out with super sparkly dresses, hair, make-up, and a beautiful venue for some pre-event photos. It was so lovely to have time and not be rushed to get to the dance!  It was quite a challenge to find a location that suited both girl’s tastes.  Mieke’s dress called for femme fatal style images, and Niane’s needed soft, pretty and something with animals, since she is a… Continue reading

Leandi’s Happy Dogs

These happy dogs made me laugh so much with their antics!   I really battled to choose ONLY 30 photos for editing, and it broke my heart to delete some of their hysterical photos, so Leandi scored loads of extras.  The all had an absolute blast running around the park and posing for their portraits. The copious amounts of snacks didn’t even convince them to sit still.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.  Assisted by Leandi’s friend. 


Well, I’m nice and broody now.  How absolutely beautiful is this little girl!?  Only one week young.  She is already adored by her big brother and parents. Photography by Leanne Williams, assisted by Megan Calitz.

Twin Story

A cake to smash, gorgeous one-year-old twins, lovely Toy Story models, SUPER cute outfits, and extremely compliant, fun parents.  What more could a photographer ask for?!  Photos and editing by Leanne Williams. 

Charlie’s Expanding Pack

Charlie and I met at, you guessed it, an agility competition.  I was judging dog jumping and this happy-go-lucky, super chilled little spaniel wiggled his way around my course at his own pace with his poor dad cheering him on and hoping for more speed the whole way.  He didn’t win any prizes, but he made everyone there smile.  Over the next few months, he and his humans became regulars at agility competitions and have really improved and made lots of… Continue reading

Tracey’s Girls

Tracey and her mom, Jeanette, have been extremely supportive of me and my agility Siberians for many years.  I’ll never forget their smiles and cheering from the grand stands regardless of what silliness my huskies got up to in the ring.  It was a huge help with my confidence.  It breaks my heart that they are leaving SA for the UK, but I’m so glad I got this opportunity to send them off with some beautiful memories.  Tracey took advantage of… Continue reading

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