Classic Wedding Photography

Andrew and Gerhard’s Wedding

Andrew and Gerhard chose Valverde Eco Hotel for their classy black and white themed wedding.  They looked so suave in their crisp white suites which they got on their recent trip to Thailand.   They did something completely unique – they complained that their bar tab was ‘dismal’ and encouraged guests to work on that, which they did, giving us the best dancing moments to capture!  They also did something incredibly selfless – they asked their guests… Continue reading

Matt and Candice’s Wedding

My goodness, this was an elaborate wedding!  Celebrity suppliers everywhere – the entertaining and real Stephen van Basten officiated, the flamboyant Zavion Kotze planned and decorated, the talented David John did the make-up, Exclusive Bridal Hair styled the hair, and lovely Con Grazia provided awesome background music.  The wedding was on the same day as the Rugby World Cup Finals, which kept the guests well entertained while we played with light, though I think that Matt would much… Continue reading