Doggy Daycare

Caroline and Kipling

I’ll be brutally honest.  While I adore watching them compete in agility and obedience, I’m not a fan of the Border Collie.  Too many bad experiences, involving teeth in my legs, my arms, my face, and my Sibes.  But there are some amazing individuals within the breed, and pups like this Little really help me appreciate them.  This is Kipling: a working-line Border Collie. He was about 16 weeks at the time of this shoot.  He is SUPER sweet.  He… Continue reading

Ashvale Bearded Collie Puppies



PUPPIES!!!!  Super high energy, cheeky, floofy, cute Bearded Collies, proudly bred by preservation breeder, Eileen Ashton of Ashvale Bearded Collies.  My camera and I got absolutely mobbed every time I lay down for a good low-angle shot.  Totally worth it.  The mom wouldn’t sit still for a photo at all, so clearly that is where the pups get their energy from.  I captured some phenomenal action photos of her playing and jumping for toys and am now… Continue reading