Liezl and Martin’s Wedding

Martin and Liezl were, possibly, the most challenging couple we’ll ever work with.  Liezl loves photos.  Loves.  Them.  So very much that she sent me mountains of examples lifted off the interweb in the hope that I’d do them for her.  All of them.  Exactly.  She had very specific requests for how she wanted her pics edited.  She unpacked our pricing and found all our loopholes, then made handwritten notes on all… Continue reading

Monica and Raphael’s Wedding

Monica is from South Africa and is of Catholic Portuguese descent; Raphael is from France and is of Algerian Jewish descent – their Marriage Officiant Fr. Carlos Gabriel honoured both faiths making for a beautifully spiritual and unusual wedding ceremony.   Oakfield Farm was their chosen venue and they lavished the chapel and reception hall with an elegant and sophisticated palate of royal blue, pink, and lace.  Monica’s amazing lacy dress was surprisingly heavy and gave us quite a… Continue reading