Lifestyle Family Photography

Rachel’s First Shoot

Remember Caleb’s First Shoot that we did a few years ago?  This time the Broodryk family booked a Lifestyle Newborn Shoot to celebrate the arrival of little Rachel.  We would like to say that the family of three welcomed her with open arms, but I’d be lying…..two-year-old Caleb is not yet too happy with his new sister.  Dad managed to bribe him with sweeties for a few cuddly photos with her, but after a while he was… Continue reading

The Murgatroyd Family

The Murgatroyd Family’s lifestyle portrait shoot happened on one of those winter days which is freezing in the shade and hot in the sun.  It was extremely dry and dusty, with fabulous glowing, warm, purple light, even first thing in the morning.  Since Devon was just under 4 years old, I suggested my favourite spots in Walter Sisulu Botanic Gardens so that he could have a little fun with the waterfall, the black eagles and the jungle gyms… Continue reading