Shenaaz and Stephen’s Preggy Pics

The beautiful Shenaaz braved some very rough ground with some seriously swollen ankles to allow us to capture these exquisite photos.  The sunset was glowing, as was Shenaaz, and Stephen added a large dose of fun and humour to the shoot.  Photography by Sean and Leanne Williams.  Editing by Leanne Williams.

The Kotze Family is Growing

Liezl and Martin have given us quite an extraordinary journey to document, from their engagement party, to their wedding, to their first pregnancy, to the view from their roof to use as home decor, to family functions with the extended family, to their second pregnancy and Tilly-Marie’s newborn photos, and now they are expecting their third child!   We love their parenting style – fun and relaxed and fair.  Derek and Tilly-Marie were so good… Continue reading

Bryde’s Skylar Belly

Remember Bryde and Bryce’s Wedding?    Here’s Bryde just over 9 months since their Honeymoon, and she’s expecting a little girl to be named Skylar.  We used the couple’s home and the park down the road for their maternity shoot, but sadly without Bryce since he’s not a fan of posing for photos.  Looking forward to doing a newborn shoot with Skylar when she arrives.  By Leanne Williams.

Richard & Lara’s Preggie-Pics

So, as some of our cyber-stalkers know, we freelance for various photographic agencies to compliment our Snapdragon work.  Which means we have many, for lack of a better word, “bosses”.  Richard is one such boss.  So, knowing how fun he can be, and how gorgeous his wife is, I decided to give them a gift voucher for some preggie-pics, as a Christmas present and a thank-you for all the work he sends us (I know I know,… Continue reading