Nicola and Hendrik’s Home Wedding

Nicola is our niece.   She’s just a few years younger than us.  Neither Sean, nor I have siblings.  Now I dare you to figure out how that works!?  Nicky is the daughter of Sean’s much older half-brother, and we treasure her like a cousin because she’s so much like Sean, and because we have such small families.  Nicky and Henry chose to have an extremely intimate and informal wedding at Henry’s mom’s home, with… Continue reading

Rela & Greg’s E-Shoot

Rela and Greg wanted an urban-themed engagement shoot to strongly contrast their bush wedding.   What an absolutely wicked location!   One of our all time favourite places for a portrait shoot.  Rela and Greg really had fun, and it was a great way for them to practice for their wedding photos, and get to know their photographers before the big weekend-away-wedding.  By Leanne and Sean Williams.