Enrichment Products by The Hound-Human Connection

Kim Botham is a very clever dog lady who enriches the lives of all her client’s dogs via sniffy walks, tricks and obedience training, and a range of lovely products to keep their minds busy.  Snapdragon Pictures has been commissioned to upgrade her brand identity with a new logo, funky website, fresh social media presence, and of course, photos.  My own little Sage puppy arrived home from Cape Town at 8 weeks old on the day of this shoot, and… Continue reading

Snapdragon Sibes in Studio

I’m not a fan of selfies.  But we missed our annual family pawtrait shoot in 2015, and my poor ginger puppy Simon hardly has any photos of his puppyhood.  (Typical third child!)  I also wanted to get some pics of the floating trophies we won at our dog school before they have to be returned.  But Sean was too fully booked to help me.  So I, alone, headed to the studio with three freshly groomed… Continue reading