Blundell Trouble

One Siberian Husky is a handful.  Three plus a Malamute puppy is insanity.  Usually.  But Nubs and Bear surprised us.  They were super chilled and happy to maintain their brilliant sit stays and down stays while we played with the amazing sunset light.  Loki, the young black and white Sibe, was a little more spirited, but then, he is a teenager, and, well….his name is Loki!  Izzy the Malamute pup kept us entertained with… Continue reading

Josselowitz and Segal Wedding

Lara and I studied Fine Arts together at Wits, and despite our very different backgrounds, we became study-buddies and helped each other with notes and research and information when the other had bunked a class in order to work our respective student-jobs.  I remember occasionally bunking a class together to go for a leisurely cup of tea at the nearest canteen where would chat about our boyfriend-related woes.  During that time, it seemed impossible that we would ever… Continue reading