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Matt and Candice’s Wedding

My goodness, this was an elaborate wedding!  Celebrity suppliers everywhere – the entertaining and real Stephen van Basten officiated, the flamboyant Zavion Kotze planned and decorated, the talented David John did the make-up, Exclusive Bridal Hair styled the hair, and lovely Con Grazia provided awesome background music.  The wedding was on the same day as the Rugby World Cup Finals, which kept the guests well entertained while we played with light, though I think that Matt would much… Continue reading

Kirsty and Michael

Kirsty is absolutely camera-crazy, so we were treated to a full hour for family photos, and a full hour of couple photos at the best time of day for fantastic lighting.  She had a rather large list of photo-requests, including some insane and unusual poses we’d never seen before.  Michael and Kirsty tied the knot in the gorgeous gardens of The Indaba Hotel in Sandton.  Delightful Decor of The Indaba Hotel decorated the Reception Hall, and Heather… Continue reading

Andre and Madelein’s Wedding

When I saw Madeleine’s email signature and realised that she’s an attourney, I was nervous and intimidated, expecting a hard-core, take-no-nonsense bridezilla-type .  But when I first met these two, at the Dros, I was immediately  struck by how warm and trusting and easy-going they were.  They asked my advice on timing and lighting, and took it.  They loved just about every photo I showed them, even the ones that are usually not the favourites, even… Continue reading