Professional Photographer

CH Support With A Smile

The Support With A Smile campaign by Caroline Herrera de Baez raises funds to provide care for women with breast cancer and to promote breast cancer awareness and prevention.  In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they hosted a PINK breakFEAST at the exquisite venue, Morrells, in Northcliff.  Currin’t Events commissioned me to cover the stills photography, and it was a lovely, emotional, informative gathering for the media and 30 survivors.  Face-Box was there with a Rova… Continue reading

McCarthy’s 100 Years

Another beautifully organised event by EfferVesceENTS, who commissioned me through Zoom Photography.  So nicely set up for photos, great lighting and a good backdrop for the speakers.  And lots of high-profile folk like John McCarthy, Brand Pretorius and Brian Joffe.  While I was busy with decor-shots, Brand Pretorius actually found me, shook my hand and said something along the lines of ‘Lovely to meet you, I’m sure you’ll do a superb job for us tonight’.  It’s… Continue reading