Sean and Leanne Williams – Snapdragon Pictures

AnimalTalk TopDog Awards 2020



We once again sponsored photography of the prestigious AnimalTalk Top Dog awards!  Because dogs.  Of course.  This year, a fantastic R41850 was raised for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League!  Photography by Sean and Leanne Williams.

Jenny and Vlad

Jenny and Vlad, friends of Rakesh and Harsha, chose Oakfield Farm to celebrate the start of their marriage. The day was filled with love, laughter, and of course, phenomenal light. Jenny wore glitzy, sparkly tekkies!  Just as well, because their wedding reception was frequently interrupted by flash mobs.

Photography by Sean and Leanne Williams.  Assisted by Megan Calitz.

Blundell Trouble

One Siberian Husky is a handful.  Three plus a Malamute puppy is insanity.  Usually.  But Nubs and Bear surprised us.  They were super chilled and happy to maintain their brilliant sit stays and down stays while we played with the amazing sunset light.  Loki, the young black and white Sibe, was a little more spirited, but then, he is a teenager, and, well….his name is Loki!  Izzy the Malamute pup kept us entertained with… Continue reading

Judy and her Goldens

Judy is one of my friends from a canine yoga class I attend weekly with my Sibes.  She has a very special rescued Golden Retriever named Caleb who really enjoys the social side of the class. It’s been so nice watching him heal and become the dog he was supposed to be.  Judy commissioned Sean and I to shoot some pawtraits of Caleb, Dougal and Holly in their phenomenal garden.  They are such funny dogs – they… Continue reading

Shannon and Ignatius

Shannon had very specific ideas for her engagement shoot with Ignatius.  She had her heart set on Irene Farm at sunset – it was the first time Sean and I had shot there and we had quite an adventure, involving multiple conversations with numerous security guards, a few loops in the car, a couple of kilometers of walking (with heavy equipment), plus a few phone calls, to find the right spot.  It was worth it.  And actually… Continue reading

Asmita and Julien’s Wedding

Wow.  Wow wow wow.  This beautiful bride.  This super romantic groom.  The food!  The decor!  The natural light at this lovely, relaxed wedding ceremony!  This amazing wedding was held at Misty River Country Venue in Johannesburg.  Julien and his family are from Geneva, so they battled a little with the January heat, but they were all infinitely patient with our requests to pose in the hot sun to give their photos a… Continue reading