Allison and Michael’s Dream Wedding

As wedding cameramen, we usually deal with the bride while the groom stays fairly uninvolved.  Michael and Allison were the complete opposite.  Michael planned everything right down to the pink and purple Love-Bird theme.  He arranged everything we needed for the photos and video, and he even read our contract and called us with some questions – that nearly never happens.  We only met Allison for the first time at her bridal dressing – what a… Continue reading

Megan and John at Askari Lodge

Megan and John’s wedding was really really special.  Megan works with all sorts of animals including horses and dogs, and she and John live on a smallholding in Vereeniging.  Their theme suited them perfectly: an old fashioned wedding gown that complimented Megan’s colouring beautifully, the ox-wagons, vintage African decor and amazing natural landscape of Askari Game Lodge, and the rescued and trained elephants.  The couple and their families paid exquisite attention to the smaller details of… Continue reading

Alli and Fred Write on Each Other

We popped in to Fred and Allison’s home this evening for a quick shot for them to use as their Save-The-Dates.     I couldn’t resist shooting some candids of them writing on each other – lots of giggling and teasing going on!   We had a cup of coffee with them and went through some of the details for their wedding, and while we were chatting, Fred and Alli’s four little dogs also demanded some lens… Continue reading

Chris & Georgie

Chris & Georgie were married under jacaranda trees at the classy Summerplace in Hyde Park.  Photography was in the talented hands of Black Frame Photography, and we were responsible for their Wedding Film.  This film still brings us to tears everytime we watch it.  Loved Chris’s heartfelt speech to his Bride and his words couldn’t be more true – she is a sweetie and inspires us all to be better people.

Continue reading

Rohan and Corals

Coralea and Rohan.  The South African and the Australian.  Aka, Shiela and Koos – the two beaded mascots, a springbok and a kangaroo.  Very funny and sweet couple!  Coralea works as a vet in Australia.  Rohan owns a Jack Russell named Flynn.  After Flynn’s annual vaccinations, Rohan’s family noticed that Flynn was suddenly off the vet very often for no particular reason.   Later Rohan let slip to a group of his friends… Continue reading