Ashvale Bearded Collie Puppies



PUPPIES!!!!  Super high energy, cheeky, floofy, cute Bearded Collies, proudly bred by preservation breeder, Eileen Ashton of Ashvale Bearded Collies.  My camera and I got absolutely mobbed every time I lay down for a good low-angle shot.  Totally worth it.  The mom wouldn’t sit still for a photo at all, so clearly that is where the pups get their energy from.  I captured some phenomenal action photos of her playing and jumping for toys and am now… Continue reading

Kayla, Owned by Vika and Hazel

Meet Kayla, owned by beautiful, black Vika, and sweet Hazel.  They also took advantage of my Agility Pawtrait Special held at Canine Performance Centre, but Kayla was very worried about my ability to capture details in Vika’s pitch black fur coat!  Extremely rainy, dark weather added to the challenge.  The girls are so well trained that it was no trouble at all to pose them in good light.  Hazel is already excelling in agility, so I can’t wait to… Continue reading

Helia’s Pack at CPC

Meet Helia and her very mixed pack!  So. Many. Dogs!  Each of these special Littles enjoys a variety of different training activities with their dedicated mom.  Helia was gifted a gift voucher for our CPC Pawtrait Special as a birthday gift from friends, and used it for some action shots of two of her talented dogs doing some Obedience training, as well as some pretty portrait photos of them with the agility equipment.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.

Tree Top Adventures with the Staessens

For their yearly Family Adventure Photo Shoot, the Staessen grandchildren chose Tree Top Adventures in Riversands.  They climbed, jumped, hung, balanced, swung and giggled like the true crazy monkeys they are!  And much to Oupa’s horror, they also found some discarded paint balls to play with.  I am already really looking forward to seeing what fabulous idea they come up with for next year’s shoot.   Photography by Sean and Leanne Williams. 

Kismet and Lee-Anne



Meet Kismet, a young Shetland Sheepdog loved by Lee-Anne.  Kismet is in training at Canine Performance Centre to become an amazing agility dog!  Lee-Anne declined to pose for photos with him – he totally steals the spotlight anyway.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.

Dory, Stoffel and Ginny at CPC

Dory treated two of her doggos to some agility pawtrait photos at Canine Performance Centre.  Though Ginny and Dori are incredibly beautiful ladies, they will always be outshone by my most favourite, scruffy, ginger boy, Stoffel!  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.