Alfred and Ace

Alfred and Ace are two very spirited doggos named after Batman characters.  They joined us in studio for some portrait photos to be used on their parent’s Christmas cards.  Photography by Leanne Williams.

Enrichment Products by The Hound-Human Connection

Kim Botham is a very clever dog lady who enriches the lives of all her client’s dogs via sniffy walks, tricks and obedience training, and a range of lovely products to keep their minds busy.  Snapdragon Pictures has been commissioned to upgrade her brand identity with a new logo, funky website, fresh social media presence, and of course, photos.  My own little Sage puppy arrived home from Cape Town at 8 weeks old on the day of this shoot, and… Continue reading

Oliver & Sophia’s First Photo Shoot

Jenny and Vlad were blessed with double trouble!  The twins, Sophia and Oliver, surprised the family by arriving two months early.  When they finally came home from ICU, Jen arranged Harry Potter themed props to use for their newborn shoot.  Sophia was very grumpy, and made the perfect Mandrake.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.

Many Mali Doggos

 Sean and I noticed Yolan at the very first agility competition we ever competed in.  Sean told me to follow her lead while walking the courses, because she very clearly knows what she’s doing.  We watched in awe as she confidently arrived at prize-giving with a cardboard box in anticipation of carrying many many prizes back to her car, and boy, did she win ALL the prizes!  Those beloved dogs are sadly retired now, but she’s gained multiple more dogs… Continue reading

Baby Benny and Zoey

Miniature Dachshund puppies, Benny and Zoey bunked puppy school to spend an afternoon playing and posing in the park with their new hoomans.  They enjoyed their first taste of donkey poop, much to their owner’s horror!  They also did a fabulous job on their ‘stays’, which is very impressive for puppies their age. Photography by Leanne Williams, assisted by Sean Williams.


Roné’s Pack in the Park

Roné’s spirited pack of little dogs joined us at a private park in Honeydew for some toy fetching fun.  They all posed sooo beautifully and then got treated to a little decompression walk.  Photography by Leanne Williams.

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