Velti Events & Hospitality

Velti KNOWS how to throw a PARTY for their employees! Flame-throwers, samba-dancers, belly-dancers, Mo Magic, photobooths, props, singers, jugglers, clowns, and Gareth Cliff! I had so much fun at this one! Commissioned through The Photo Firm.  By Leanne Williams.

McCarthy’s 100 Years

Another beautifully organised event by EfferVesceENTS, who commissioned me through Zoom Photography.  So nicely set up for photos, great lighting and a good backdrop for the speakers.  And lots of high-profile folk like John McCarthy, Brand Pretorius and Brian Joffe.  While I was busy with decor-shots, Brand Pretorius actually found me, shook my hand and said something along the lines of ‘Lovely to meet you, I’m sure you’ll do a superb job for us tonight’.  It’s… Continue reading

Pindiwe & Kagiso’s Wedding

Such a festive wedding! And in a refreshingly unusual venue. A week before the wedding, when I went to scout ahead for photo-locations and discovered that they were still busy building, I was more than a little worried! But they pulled it off beautifully. My favourite area was an abandoned, dilapidated church just outside the venue. I do so hope they won’t renovate! This was also one of the most inspiring ceremonies I’ve attended to date; I’d recommend Pindiwe’s minister… Continue reading

Rela & Greg’s E-Shoot

Rela and Greg wanted an urban-themed engagement shoot to strongly contrast their bush wedding.   What an absolutely wicked location!   One of our all time favourite places for a portrait shoot.  Rela and Greg really had fun, and it was a great way for them to practice for their wedding photos, and get to know their photographers before the big weekend-away-wedding.  By Leanne and Sean Williams.

Kevin & Robyn’s E-Shoot

Very early one winter’s morning, this couple braved the freezing cold with us to chase this awesome light. My favourites are the saturated shots in the cactus garden. Afterwards we crowded into the coffee shop at the gardens to discuss their wedding over a very welcome cup of hot chocolate.  By Sean and Leanne Williams.