Lifestyle Portraits

Chris and Tami’s Engagement Session

These two LOVE the camera – being in front of and behind it.  Sean and I had so much fun playing with light while Tami posed like a professional and Chris offered technical photographic advice for his preferences.  He’s a part-time photographer, and knows what he wants for his wedding images.  *no pressure*  Zulu Nyala Country Manor, the couple’s chosen wedding venue, kindly allowed us to use their gorgeous grounds.  We’re really REALLY excited… Continue reading

7 Month Old Erin

Erin is growing up so fast!  To me it seems like she’s gone from being a belly bump to a real little person with her own unique antics in a few weeks!  I forget it’s been 7 months already.  She’s a little thing with a BIG character and is a pleasure to photograph, just like her parents.  By Leanne Williams.


Chantell and Gerhard Practice for Perfection

Chantell and Gerhard are getting married late next year, so they took advantage of our birthday special and booked a couple’s session to practice being in front of the camera.  I love shooting at sunrise so we met them at Nelson Mandela Bridge early morning and then ventured into town to play.  It was so cold and windy but this couple is so in love that they didn’t need the excuse to cuddle closer!  By Sean and Leanne Williams.

Sunrise in Jozi with Justin & Nadine

Justin and Nadine braved the winter wind for some beautiful, softly lit sunrise photos at Nelson Mandela Bridge.  We arrived at their house when it was still dark, piled into their car with all our equipment, and headed into town.  We arrived a few minutes before the sun came up: I didn’t know Johannesburg could be so quiet!  Justin and Nadine were awesome, they were up for anything, full of ideas, and lots of fun despite the… Continue reading

The Klopper-Jansen Family Hits Newtown

Debbie and her hubby are leaving South Africa, as well as her dad, brother and sister-in-law. She commissioned us for a photo-shoot to remind her of her family and home. Photographer: Sean Williams. Creative Director and Editor: Leanne Williams.