Lifestyle Portraits

Kai’s 1st Birthday

Kai’s was by far the easiest newborn session we have ever had the privilege of shooting.  And wow, did he pull a 180 degree turn for his 1st birthday shoot!  He greeted me with the biggest smile and hug when we arrived, but the second we started to take photos, he got grumpy.  Very grumpy.  The family went all out with beautiful outfits for him to model, a gorgeous selection of Lion King themed props, a phenomenal cake, but Kai… Continue reading

Chase, Nav-ah & Caleb Play for Pawtraits

On a warm winter’s afternoon, at Honeydew McKaynine, the beautiful Nav-ah, incredibly handsome Caleb, and super star Chase were treated to a game of ‘fetch’, ‘catch’ and ‘stay’ so that we could capture a combination of Lifestyle and Fine Art Pawtrait Photos.  Nav-ah let the entire neighborhood know about the shoot, at a high pitch squeak that only Nav-ah can achieve.  Candice brought her sister along to be part of the fur-family portraits and to help with the dogs.  Balls,… Continue reading

Pulse at 9 Months

Pulse is 9 months old and all legs now!  For this shoot, Renee did a little agility training at Canine Performance Centre with him for some action shots.  He is making beautiful, slow, consistent progress, and I can’t wait to see how he progresses for next month’s shoot! Pulse worked super hard at bump jumps, cone work, tunnels, and begs, and was well rewarded with a fun swim at the end of the shoot. Photography by Leanne Williams. 

The Smits. Now With A Ginny Monster

Remember this beautiful summer shoot?  The Smits got a gorgeous new Border Collie named Ginnie, so they scheduled another family shoot for the newbie.  But did we battle to get the scheduling right?  First, Dori had to reschedule due to work.  Then it rained. And rained and rained and rained.  Then little Stoffel fell ill, and we needed to wait for him to recover.  Then lockdown happened.  We finally managed to wrangle everyone together on a freezing winter’s day,… Continue reading

The Ferocious Zeus

Meet the BIGGEST, most FEROCIOUS….erm….cotton puff ball?  This is Zeus, a 4 month old Pomeranian puppy.  We used the beautiful and safe grounds of McKaynine Honeydew where he attended puppy socialisation classes.  We chose sunset for soft, pretty light.  Zeus thought this posing thing was EXHAUSTING!  What an amazingly good little dog!  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.

Renee’s Pulse

Remember Renee and her pack?  Pulse is her newest puppy.   He’s a cutie.  We played with some agility equipment at Canine Performance Centre to get some sweet puppy pawtraits before he grows up, as they do far too quickly.  He was an absolute rock star at his ‘stays’ on and in the equipment, and his session ended with a reward game of tug with big brother Savvy.  Photography and editing by Leanne Williams.